2023 Downey Park Raffle Day & Cake Stall

The 2023 SBE Raffle Day and Cake Stall at Downey Park on Saturday 5 August was another huge success. It was an enjoyable Club Day and reminded us of the great spirit that we have here at SBE Hockey.

It was definitely a team effort, with so many of our members helping out with securing great prizes for the raffle, walking the fields at Downey Park to sell raffle tickets, providing delicious goodies for the cake stall, and volunteering their time to work at the cake stall. Particular thanks to our brave volunteers who donned to Eagles Mascot costume on the day to help attract the crowds. And last but not least, a BIG thank you to Nicolette who took on the role of coordinator this year. Many hours went into the planning, promotion and execution of the event, including the set up of the online ticket platform. 

We are enormously appreciative of the many businesses and Club members who donated prizes. Due to their generosity we were able to provide 12 substantial prizes. Many thanks also to all BWHA for giving us the opportunity to have hold this fundraising activity, and to the many BWHA members, visitors, family and friends who visited us at the cake stall on the day and purchased raffle tickets and baked goodies. We rely on these fundraising activities to keep our club going so your support and contributions really do make a difference!  

Congratulations to all the prize winners - the results can be found here

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