Selection Criteria

Senior Selection Criteria

The SBE Executive Committee will appoint independent selectors for the turf trials as required.  

Extract of Guidelines for Selection Process (full Guideline to come)

Selection of players at the start of the season is to be based on the following criteria:
  1. Current form and performance as evidenced at pre-season training and trials;
  2. Past playing record;
  3. Proficiency in core and technical skills as required for the different divisions;
  4. Set play skills;
  5. Playing positions, including versatility in relation to the playing of different positions;
  6. Ability to fit within a 'team' framework;
  7. Potential to improve in the above areas;
  8. Attendance at competition, training and club / team events (commitment);
  9. Good sportsmanship (values);
  10. Abiding by our club's Code of Behavior on and off the field (behavior);
  11. Financial members of the club;
  12. Personal characteristics or attributes (e.g. race, sexuality, religion) shall have no bearing on selection;
  13. May be precluded from selection if there is a concern about their ability to complete safely or if their participation poses a particular division set by the committee; and
  14. Any relevant BWHA Guidelines.

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Field 2: Senior Grass Training
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