Welcome to the 2024 Registration Process

Welcome to the 2024 Season!

The information below is designed to assist you with completing all registrations and uniform orders using the online systems for our club and for Hockey Australia Registration.

Players in ALL Hockey Clubs are required to complete online registration for Hockey Australia/Hockey Queensland (through a system called RevSport) and their local hockey association, as this is a national requirement stipulated by Hockey Australia. This involves payment of Hockey Australia/Hockey Queensland fees through RevSport. Players are also required to register for their Club and pay Club fees.  Some clubs ask players to complete the Club registration as a separate process to the Hockey Australia/Hockey Queensland registration process.   

To Register for SBE Hockey players will need to complete two online registration processes and pay their fees in 2 separate portions.

  • Players must register online through the SBE website and can choose to pay this portion of their fees either by Bank Transfer, online by credit card or by cash. 
  • Players must also register online through the Hockey Australia/Hockey Queensland online registration portal (RevSport) and must pay this portion of their fees online by credit card or Paypal.  These fees cover players insurance. 

Simply follow the steps below on your computer or mobile device.

FairPlay Vouchers.  If you are registering a child aged between 5 and 17 years inclusive at the time of registration, don't forget to check if you are eligible for the Qld Govt FairPlay vouchers! These vouchers are valued at up to $150 and can be used towards registration fees. Please visit to find out more.

Step 1 Register with South Brisbane Eagles Hockey Club

Click on the “REGISTER HERE” link below.

Complete the registration information required.

If you require a uniform, the next section allows you purchase these items. If you click on the sizes you will be able to select the size and number you require.

Please ensure you indicate via the drop down menu whether you have taken your uniform or if they are on order.

Important Information about Payment of Registration Fees

You will have the option to pay your registration fees by bank transfer, online credit card payment or by cash. 

Bank Transfer Payments

If you choose to pay by bank transfer, the process for doing this when you register is as follows:

  • Click on “Pay Later”
  • An invoice will be generated and you can choose for it to be emailed to you.
Club bank details are:

Account Name
South Brisbane Eagles Hockey Club
Account Number
Westpac Mt Gravatt
 Description      Please use payment reference number from Invoice 

Online Payments

There is an option for you to pay online via credit card on our website at the time you register. You can pay either your full fees at sign on time, or you can choose to pay the minimum sign on fee, followed by regular part payments.

Part Payments
The Club accepts part payment of fees, however, if you choose this option there is a minimum first payment that must be paid as follows:

Senior & Junior Turf by 1 February 2024

Senior & Junior Grass by 1 March 2024

All subsequent payments must be made regularly, with the payment of all turf fees due by 1 July 2024 and grass fees by 1 May 2024.  If you wish to pay by installments, please email the SBE Treasurer at to advise of your intention, so that your payment schedule can be sent to you. 

Minimum sign on payments are as follows:

  • Senior Players, registered in 1 team only - Minimum first payment is $200 SBE fee PLUS $151.18 Hockey Australia/Hockey Qld/insurance fee.
  • Senior Players, registered in 2 teams (Turf & Masters) - Minimum first payment is $200 SBE fee PLUS $151.18 Hockey Australia/Hockey Qld/insurance fee.
  • Senior Players, registered in 2 teams (Grass & Masters) - Minimum first payment is $200 SBE fee PLUS $151.18 Hockey Australia/Hockey Qld/insurance fee.
  • Senior Players, registered in 2 teams (Turf & Grass) - Minimum first payment is $200 SBE fee PLUS $151.18 Hockey Australia/Hockey Qld/insurance fee.
  • Senior Casual Players (5-10 games) - Minimum first payment of SBE fee is either the full amount or $200 (if the full fee is greater than $200) PLUS $113.81 Hockey Australia/Hockey Qld/insurance fee.
  • Students 19-24 Players, registered in Turf or Grass teams - Minimum first payment is $200 SBE fee PLUS $120.81 Hockey Australia/Hockey Qld/insurance fee.
  • Junior Players (18 years and under), registered in Turf or Grass teams - Minimum first payment is $200 SBE fee PLUS $90.81 Hockey Australia/Hockey Qld/insurance fee.
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Step 2 Hockey Australia/Hockey Queensland Registration (RevSport)


In addition to SBE Club registration and fees, all players MUST register via the RevSport online registration portal to pay Hockey Australia (HA), Hockey Queensland (HQ) and insurance fees. This part of the process should be completed as soon as possible, and MUST be completed before a player can take the field on their first match.  

All non-playing coaches, managers, umpires and game officials should also register via this process, however, fees do not have to be paid for these members. 

The player fees paid via the RevSport online registration portal for 2024 are:

  • $151.18 - Senior Player (19+)
  • $113.81 - 10 Game Player Levy (Senior Casual) 
  • $120.81 - Student Player Levy (19-24 Years)
  • $90.81 - Junior Player (18 years & under)
  • $57.01 - Social Hockey Player Levy

These fees must be paid online through the RevSport registration process as outlined below. 

When you land on the registration page, there will be two options: RETURNING MEMBER or NEW MEMBER.  Choose the RETURNING MEMBER option, unless you have never registered in RevSport with SBE or any other hockey club/association in Australia before in which case you will choose the NEW MEMBER option.  

  • Dual Players - You will need to register in RevSport for both SBE and your primary association/club. If SBE is your secondary club, you should register and pay the HA/HQ fees online via RevSport with your Primary Club first, before you register in RevSport with SBE as your secondary club. When you register in RevSport with SBE you will select the RETURNING MEMBER option. You will not be charged the HA/HQ/Insurances fees a second time. 
** Please note that when you start the online registration form in RevSport for your secondary club, it will show a fee, however, providing you have registered and paid your HA/HQ fees through RevSport with your primary club, when you get to the end of the registration form, it should show a $0.00 balance and you shouldn't be charged. Please do not pay a second fee in RevSport, as you will have to go through a refund process to get your money back and an admin fee will be deducted.  If the dual registration process doesn't work as described, don't pay a second time and get in touch with us. 
  • Will you be coaching, managing, umpiring or doing tech bench for SBE and not playing?  You will need to register as a member in both the SBE system and RevSport.  You will not be charged any fees for this type of registration.

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